We go beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team excels on crafting answers to address specific business challenges, with a particular focus on innovative applications of our products for asset monitoring.

Viotel have developed a series of focussed solutions, that are configurable to specific structural health and asset management requirements. Our commitment to providing the information you need is what sets us apart.

The following are examples where we have taken unique costumers requirements to create a focused solution. Whether it is continuous high frequency dynamic monitoring or manufacturing an IoT device based on business needs. Viotel’s cost effective Smart IoT nodes for Structural Health, Geotechnical and Asset Management are the backbone of our Smart Solutions

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Smart Towers

Viotel's Smart Tower Solution revolutionises dynamic structural health monitoring with a single accelerometer. Offering continuous monitoring, cost-effectiveness, and automated resonance analysis using machine learning. Versatile applications include communication towers, power transmission towers, wind turbines, and more.

Smart Barriers

Viotel's Smart Barrier solution offers real-time monitoring for various road barriers, from wire rope barriers to safety fences. We've created an patent pending IoT product for efficient linear infrastructure management, enhancing cost, risk, and safety strategies.

Smart Bridges

Viotel's Smart Bridge Solutions offer on-demand, real-time Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for aging critical transport infrastructure. Detect changes, monitor performance, and unleash the true capacity of your structure.

Smart Mining

Viotel's Smart Mine Site offers real-time monitoring for various stages of the process - whether it is process plant and machinery, tailings dams or ship loaders. We've created solutions to optimise mine site risk, efficiency and safety.

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