Viotel Wireless Triaxial Tiltmeter

The Viotel Wireless Triaxial Tiltmeter features a high accuracy triaxial tilt sensor and is self-contained with internal battery (solar panel or mains optional), GPS and cellular CAT-M1 modem. The unit is shipped with pre-installed global SIM card.

Simply mount the sensor in the desired location and power on for reliable, continuous, real-time monitoring. This can be done using the 3M adhesive backing, 2 bolt holes or with a pole mount.

The tiltmeter is pre-programmed ready to mount and record readings at pre-determined intervals configurable by you in myViotel. Event detection mode is available where the node checks tilt every 4 seconds and will push an alert when pre-set triggers are activated from sudden movement making it ideal for a wide range of monitoring applications such as excavation and landslide.

Manufactured in Australia.

Features and Benefits

  • Wireless operation ideal for structural, building and land slip monitoring.

  • Event Dectecion Mode.

  • Continuous monitoring and pushed alerts in real time.

  • Easy Installation in any orientation.

  • Multiple mounting options - pole, direct stick, anchor.

  • CAT-M1 Communications in each unit.

  • Internal temperature Sensor.

  • Internal GPS for positioning.


Wireless Tiltmeter Specifications:

Number of components3 - Triaxial
Operating Tilt Range-180° to +180°
Sampling Rate

Continuous sampling for exceedance event.

Measurement recorded from every 5 minutes to daily.

Upload Rate

On exceedance event.

Upload from every 5 minutes to daily.

Dimensions120mm x 150mm x 60mm (WxLxD)
Operating Temperature-35 to +75°C
Internal Battery Life> 4.2 years hourly reading, daily upload & Event Detection mode on.
Enclosure FeaturesABS plastic, UV stabilised, IP67
Antenna OptionsInternal or External antenna model available

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