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Viotel Accelerometer Vibration Node

The Viotel Wireless Accelerometer Node is an ultra-low noise triaxial MEMS sensor and self-contained with a digital communication interface. It comes pre-programmed and ready to mount in the desired location and is suitable to measure the vibration modes in buildings.

Viotel Wireless Triaxial Tiltmeter

The Viotel Wireless Triaxial Tiltmeter features an accurate triaxial tilt sensor which is self-contained with an internal battery (with solar panel optional) together with cellular and LoRa modems. The tiltmeter is shipped pre-programmed ready to mount for real-time continuous monitoring.

Viotel Current Loop Node

The Viotel Current Loop Node is based on an ultra-low-power microprocessor and is self-contained with an internal battery (the solar panel is optional) together with cellular modems.

Viotel Vibrating Wire Node

Viotel Vibrating Wire Node

The Viotel 4-channel Vibrating Wire Node achieves high-precision measurements with low power consumption at a cost-effective price. The node is self-contained with an internal battery (solar panel optional), GPS and cellular (Cat-M1) modem.

Viotel SMART IoT Node

Viotel SMART IoT Node

The Viotel Smart IoT Node features 4 channels for Geotechnical, Structural and Environmental monitoring instruments and sensors including inclinometers. Battery powered, (solar panel or mains optional) and an internal Cat-M1 modem for communications. 

Viotel Data Visualisation Dashboard

Viotel’s remote monitoring software allows a user to gain an overview status, based on alerts triggered from single or multiple instruments in real-time and regular station health information.

Viotel SMART Barrier Node

Viotel SMART Barrier Node

The Viotel Smart Barrier node features a patent design for quick installation on wire rope barriers and fences and monitors barrier impacts. It uses a solar panel and rechargeable battery and an internal Cat-M1 modem for communications. The barrier status is uploaded regularly and whenever an impact is detected.

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