Viotel Accelerometer

The Viotel Wireless Accelerometer Node is a ultra-low noise triaxial MEMS sensor and self-contained with a digital communication interface. It comes pre-programmed and ready to mount in the desired location and is sutibale to measure the vibration modes in buildings.

Viotel Smart Barrier Node

The Viotel Smart Barrier node features a patent design for quick installtion on wire rope barriers and fences and monitors barrier impacts. It uses a solar panel and rechargeable battery and internal Cat-M1 modem for communications. The barrier status is uploaded regularly and whenever an impact is detected.

Viotel Wireless Triaxial Tiltmeter

The Viotel Wireless Triaxial Tiltmeter features a accurate triaxial tilt sensor which is self-contained with internal battery (with solar pabel optional) together with cellular and LoRa modems. The tiltmeter is shipped pre-programmed ready to mount for real time continous monitoring.

Viotel Triaxial Acceleration/ Vibration Node

The Viotel Wireless Accelerometer v2.0 is based on a ultra-low noise triaxial MEMS sensor and is self-contained with internal digital communication modem and receiver.

Viotel Current Loop Node

The Viotel Curent Loop Node is based on an ultra-low power mircoprocessor an is self contained with ain internal battery (solar panel is optional) together with a cellular and LoRa modems.

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