Viotel: Leading the Way in IoT-Powered Asset Management

At Viotel, we redefine data monitoring, leveraging transformative IoT technology. Our diverse team, including seismologists, engineers, and technology experts, is dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. From our manufacturing hubs in Australia and New Zealand, we engineer user-friendly, low-touch products, ready for global deployment and seamless plug-and-play integration. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to proving the information you need. We thrive on crafting configurable Solutions that have been tailored to the needs of linear and networked infrastructure: Towers, Road Barriers, Bridges, with a particular focus on innovative applications of Viotel's cost effective Smart IoT Nodes for Structural Health, Geotechnical and Asset Management monitoring application.

Expertly monitor critical asset infrastructure with remote systems

Empowering industries such as mining, transport, energy, and infrastructure, we provide world-class remote monitoring technology to mitigate risks, identify opportunities, and facilitate better decision-making.

Advanced Features:

  • Dynamic Continuous Structural Health Monitoring (SHM): Our technology ensures continuous monitoring for dynamic structural health.

  • Plug and Play: Viotel is compatible with a wide range of various geotechnical and structural sensors. myViotel streamlines the configuration process for a smoother user experience.

  • No Requirement for Gateway: Our system eliminates the need for a gateway, streamlining the monitoring process.

  • High Data Transfer: Don't miss critical events with our high data transfer capabilities.

Explore our Smart Solutions

We go beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team excels on crafting answers to address specific business challenges, with a particular focus on innovative applications of our products for asset monitoring.


Case Studies

Unlock insights from our real-world experiences and success stories.

Smarter Data for IoT Monitoring

Why Choose Viotel?

At Viotel, our platform goes beyond raw data; it tells a story. We believe in presenting data visually, transforming complex information into actionable insights. Join us on the forefront of technology, where innovation meets practical solutions.


Experience true real-time remote monitoring with seconds of latency through triggered and continous modes for dynamic continuous structural health monitoring.


Enjoy a seamless user experience with our autonomous products featuring integrated communications. Designed and manufactured in Australia and New Zealand!


Access deep data insights through low product costs and a monthly or annual subscription, offering unbeatable value compared to traditional service providers for projects of all sizes.

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