Case Study: Christ Church Cathedral


In this case study available to download in full from our website, Beca, a prominent advisory, design, and engineering consultancy, played a crucial role in the Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project, a NZD 104 million initiative to rebuild the historic Christ Church Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand. The cathedral suffered severe damage in earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, leaving it unstable and in need of extensive restoration.

Beca provided surveying and monitoring services during the reconstruction, using a real-time monitoring system to track the stability of the structure throughout the construction process. They utilised Viotel wireless tiltmeters and vibration sensors in conjunction with Bentley's iTwin IoT platform to collect, analyze, and visualise live data, offering accurate and consistent readings.

The use of iTwin IoT significantly reduced the need for on-site visits, improving safety and efficiency. It also allowed Beca to share project information with various stakeholders through 3D visualisations, making the data more accessible and understandable. The system provided faster notifications of structural movements and enhanced decision-making during the complex restoration process.


Viotel are pleased to be acknowledged by Beca & Bentley in the recent case study published by Bentley on the successful monitoring the rebuilding of the Christ Church Cathedral in New Zealand using Viotel’s IoT Accelerometer and Tilt nodes, integrated with Bentley’s iTwin digital twin.

Key Highlights:

  • Replaced cabled sensors with Viotel wireless tiltmeters and vibration sensors.
  • Seamlessly integrated Viotel APIs with the iTwin IoT Platform.
  • Implemented reliable Viotel products for peace of mind among all stakeholders.

ChristChurch Cathedral

Viotel Triaxial Tilt Node Installed

Viotel Wireless Accelerometer

The Viotel Wireless Accelerometer features an ultra low noise triaxial MEMS sensor making if perfect for high resolution recording of structural modes in buildings and for use in high frequency ground and structural motion monitoring.

The accelerometer is shipped pre-programmed and integrated. Simply mount the sensor in the desired location and power on for reliable, continuous, real-time monitoring.

The Viotel units are safe, self-contained IoT sensor packs which are discrete, simple to install and calibrate, powered with mains/battery &/or solar power and with analysis power via on-board microprocessors. The myViotelapp, accessing internet-based data, transforms a sensor from a disconnected unintelligent asset to a networked live data device. 

Used for:

  • Ground motion from earthquakes
  • Building Earthquake response
  • Structural modes and resonances
  • Dynamic tilt measurements (deformations under loading)
  • Impact loading


  • Wireless operation ideal for high frequency monitoring of structural modes.
  • Triggered & Continuous monitoring modes.
  • Pushed alerts in real time.
  • Internal GPS for positioning and timing.
  • Made in Australia

Viotel Wireless Triaxial Tiltmeter

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Viotel SMART Structural Health Monitoring Systems are applied to monitor the structural health of bridges, towers, wharfs, buildings, and dams.

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