Viotel Flexinode

The Viotel Flexinode is a data logger with real-time data export capabilities. The unit’s flexible inputs can be configured to monitor a range of soil, water and gas sensors and more.

Using Viotel’s Internet of Things (IoT) dashboard platform, each logger is shipped pre-programmed and integrated. Simply mount the sensor in the desired location and power on for reliable, continuous, real-time monitoring.

Manufactured in Australia.

Features and Benefits

  • LTE-M integrated communications and global sim.

  • SD Card logging for high resolution data

  • Solar, plug-pack or single use battery power

  • SDI-12, 4-20mA, Pulse Counter or CAN Bus input configuration

  • Manufactured in Australia.


Viotel Flexinode Specifications:


(Configuration to be specified at time of order)

1x SDI-12 BUS - Connect up to 8 sensors

4x 4-20mA Current Loop or 0-12V configuration

4x Pulse Counters at up to 1KhZ simultaneously

Other protocols configurable 

(On Order)

SDI-12 VCC, Data, GND

RS 485


Sampling RateFrom every 5 minutes to daily
Upload RateFrom every 5 minutes to weekly
Dimensions140mm x 120mm x 80mm (WxLxD)
Operating Temperature-20 to +60°C
Input Power

Default: Rechargable battery powered with solar kit.

DC Plug or battery options available. 

Enclosure FeaturesASA plastic, UV stabilised, IP65
AntennaInternal Antenna.

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