Viotel Accelerometer

The Viotel Wireless Accelerometer features an ultra low noise triaxial MEMS sensor making if perfect for high resolution recording of structural modes in buildings and for use in high frequency ground and structural motion monitoring.

The Viotel wireless accelerometer is shipped pre-programmed and integrated. Simply mount the sensor in the desired location and power on for reliable, continuous, real-time monitoring. This can be done using the 3M adhesive backing, 2 bolt holes or with a pole mount.

The accelerometer node is self-contained with internal digital communication modem (LTE 4G) and GPS receiver and easily powered by mains or solar for uninterrupted power supply. The unit is shipped with pre-installed global SIM card.

Used for:

  • Ground motion from earthquakes
  • Building Earthquake response
  • Structural modes and resonances
  • Dynamic tilt measurements (deformations under loading)
  • Impact loading

Manufactured in Australia.

Features and Benefits

  • Wireless operation ideal for high frequency monitoring of structural modes.

  • Ultra low noise integrated accelerometer, datalogger and communications.

  • Continuous monitoring and pushed alerts in real time.

  • Easy Installation in any orientation.

  • Multiple mounting options - pole, direct stick, anchor.

  • LTE 4G Communications in each unit.

  • Internal temperature Sensor.

  • Internal GPS for positioning and timing.


Accelerometer Specifications:

Number of components3 - Triaxial
A/D20 Bit
Sampling Rate31.25, 62.5, 125, 250, 500 S/S
Sensitivity256,000 LSB/g
Scale Factor3.9 ?g/LSB
Tilt Tolerance180° (Omnidirectional)
Full Scale± 2.048 g
Noise Density25 ?g/?Hz (Max)
Broadband Noise (RMS)<70 ?g @ 31.25 S/S
Dynamic Range90 Db @ 31.25 S/S
Dimensions110mm x 150mm x 60mm (WxLxD)
Operating Temperature-35 to +65°C
Input Power4 - 15 VDC
Enclosure FeaturesABS plastic, UV stabilised, IP67
Antenna OptionsInternal model available
Power Consumption - No LTE< 2 mW
Power Consumption - Triggered Mode< 6 mW
Power Consumption - Continuous Mode< 400 mW

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