About Viotel

Viotel was founded by a group of engineering and technology experts who share a common goal: to empower mining, transport and infrastructure businesses with better data for better decisions.

From their first-hand experience in the field, the Viotel team understand the critical role that data plays in managing risks, identifying opportunities and protecting business assets. While other companies provide data insights, Viotel takes things to a new level with advanced monitoring technology that's faster, flexible and more reliable than ever.

Viotel overcomes the limitations of traditional monitoring systems by leveraging the power of IoT (Internet of Things). IoT is a network of smart devices that use sensors and communications hardware to collect, send and act on data they acquire from environments such as buildings or structures.

Using 'plug and play' Smart Box technology, Viotel has created a data ecosystem that provides a big picture view of business assets via IoT. We do this all-in real time, with an industry-leading latency period of seconds, not minutes.

To empower our customers and clients by giving them better data to make better decisions.

At Viotel, we believe knowledge is power. By providing mining, transport and infrastructure businesses with world-class monitoring technology, we provide critical data that informs critical decisions. From minimising risks to recognising opportunities, we put the power in your hands.


To be an organisation where exceptional people thrive by doing meaningful things. To be our customers' and clients' partner of choice.

To become a world leader in the Industrial Internet of Things, enabling industry into a connected future.

Our Values

We are Contemporary - we demonstrate this through thought leadership, perspective,relevance and authenticity.

We are Different -   we are prepared to challenge the norm, we are innovative and courageous, and we are prepared for disruption.

We are Thoughtful - we think before we act, and in so doing are honest, fair, ethical and generous.

  • we do the right thing, always
  • for us, business is about more than just profits, we believe in people
  • we go the extra mile, for our clients, employees, partners and the community
Viotel Dashboard
Viotel Dashboard Data

Our technology gathers data that's detailed, insightful and reliable but data collection is just the beginning. We organise data in a meaningful way that empowers better decision making. Collected data is sent to the cloud for deep analysis via Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is organised and presented in a customisable dashboard, that puts incredible insights at the user's fingertips any time, from any location.

With Viotel, technology is a two-way street. Data in the dashboard can trigger actions, such as sounding alarms, turning on or off pumps or initiating evacuations. Even when cellular networks are down, as often happens in emergencies, Viotel can transmit data  over a local network without interruption, and thanks to Edge Computing technology, data can be stored, analysed and alarms actioned locally.

Our Smart Box technology is compatible with most sensors, so it's fast and easy to get set up. We can also create bespoke solutions to solve specific problems. 

We currently have operations support in Australia and New Zealand.

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