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Viotel was founded in 2019 by Dan, Richard, and Ralf, the visionary founders of Viotel, united to seize a remarkable market opportunity: to create the next generation of IoT devices utilising satellite, Wi-Fi, and cellular communication technologies.

Their goal was clear - to provide the most advanced sensors at an unprecedented low cost. From their manufacturing hub in Australia, they dedicated themselves to producing user-friendly, low-touch products and integrated solutions with advanced data processing platforms and analytics. This dynamic trio's commitment to innovation and affordability has redefined the landscape of remote monitoring technology, setting a new standard in the industry.

At Viotel, we're passionate about the Internet of Things - so much so that we made it a part of our name!


Meet Our Experienced Team

At Viotel, we are a multidisciplinary team of seismologists, engineers, and technology experts, that are dedicated to creating state-of-the-art hardware products and software solutions.

We have earned trust in the construction, infrastructure, mining and engineering services industry across Australia and New Zealand, empowering asset owners and maintenance teams with data-driven insights to make informed decisions every day..


Jordan Campbell

General Manager

Jordan joined Viotel from the City of Gold Coast Council, where he managed transport infrastructure asset portfolios. Before that Jordan established and managed a high?performing geotechnical engineering business unit, across two locations, for Construction Sciences.

Jordan has a strong interest in remote monitoring and asset management.
Jordan’s career includes international experience with Arup for three years as a civil/structural engineer in Hong Kong.  His qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Civil and Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Queensland, and a Diploma of Business (Leadership).

Office: Brisbane

LinkedIn: Jordan Campbell

Bob Gregg


Bob Gregg, Viotel's Chairman and a structural engineer by background, brings over 30 years of extensive leadership experience in prominent engineering organisations. He is passionate about leveraging IoT technology to advance Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, enriching Viotel's multifaceted expertise.

Office: Brisbane

LinkedIn: Bob Gregg 

Ralf Muller

Co-founder & Director

Dan, Viotel's Co-Founder and Chairman, is an experienced Director and CEO with a global reach. His expertise spans geotechnical engineering, mining consulting, and IoT technology applications. He has worked in Asia-Pacific, North & South America, and Africa. Dan is dedicated to applying IoT technology to revolutionise traditional practices.

Office: Hobart

LinkedIn: Dan O'Toole 

Robert Muller

Co-Founder and New Zealand Manager

Robert Muller

Ralf, Viotel's Co-founder and New Zealand Manager, has a rich background in IoT, IT, and the applications of sensors and technology. He contributes to the development of IoT solutions for construction, infrastructure, mining, energy, and transport. His extensive experience also includes leadership roles at firms specialising in seismic and asset monitoring, alongside international advisory roles.

Office: Auckland

LinkedIn: Ralf Muller  


Craig McCloskey

Chief Financial Officer

Craig McCloskey

Craig brings over two decades of financial leadership experience to the team. His career includes roles with companies such as SciDev, Pitt & Sherry, Hamel Group, and Coffey International Ltd. His diverse experience spans finance, operations, and integration, making him an asset to Viotel's financial success and growth.

Office: Sydney

LinkedIn: Craig McCloskey

Richard Lynch

Co-Founder and Technical Principal

Richard Lynch

Richard, an accomplished scientist, brings over 20 years of experience in technology development and resource sector applications. His expertise lies in remote monitoring for seismology. Richard's dedication to Viotel stems from addressing a market gap with a high-spec, cost-effective accelerometer IoT device, filling a crucial void in the industry and dynamic real time monitoring.

Office: Hobart

LinkedIn: Richard Lynch

Alan Lucas

IoT Engineer

Dr Alan Lucas

Dr. Alan Lucas, Viotel's Senior Scientist, boasts a PhD in Physics from the University of Auckland, specialising in seismology and intricate vibration analysis within geotechnical and geothermal contexts. His expertise contributes significantly to Viotel's scientific capabilities and innovation - applying such analysis to dam, building and tower assets.

Office: Auckland

LinkedIn: Alan Lucas

Ben Miller - Technical Lead

Technical Lead - Software

Ben Miller

Ben, Viotel's Technical Lead for software, holds a Bachelor's degree in Business, Information Technology, and Software Development. He thrives on the excitement of automating processes, particularly those with tangible real-world impacts. Ben's passion for software development and problem-solving drives the UX for myViotel.

Office: Sydney

Lachlan Marshall

Embedded Software Engineer

Lachlan Marshall

Lachlan, a Computer Systems Engineer with electronics design expertise, plays a crucial role in making our devices suitable for customer applications and ensuring that all our products are scalable. He spearheads in-house development, guaranteeing Viotel's solutions meet the unique needs of our customers.

Office: Hobart

Join our team of technology experts

Join our team of technology experts

Offering advanced monitoring technology means that we must stay at the cutting edge of our industry. As a growing technology company employing technology and engineering experts, we are also focused on delivering great value, great products and great service to our customers.

But what we're really proud of is the fact that we're a people business. We're a company that's committed to the success and well-being of our customers, our communities and our people.

Empowering you to achieve great things is what inspires us. When you join Viotel's team of technology and engineering experts, you'll be supported to explore new possibilities within the advanced monitoring technology industry. This includes career and professional development and a work environment that aims for a positive employee experience.

If you want to join a vibrant and motivated group of technology experts in Australia or New Zealand, we'd love to hear from you. Send us your resume and tell us why you would be a great addition to our team. Apply below.

Big things happen here, so start exploring your future with us, today.

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