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Our team collectively has over 50 years geotechnical and engineering experience across a number of market sectors and are already managing over 10'000's sensors. Viotel team is trusted in NZ and Australia construction, infrastructure and maintenance managers to deliver smarter data relied upon for critical decision making.



To empower mining, transport and infrastructure businesses with better data for better decisions

At Viotel, we believe knowledge is power. By providing mining, transport and infrastructure businesses with world-class monitoring technology, we provide critical data that informs critical decisions. From minimising risks to recognising opportunities, we put the power in your hands.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Dan O’Toole - Chairman

Dan O'Toole - Viotel

Dan brings with him years of experience as a Director and Chief Executive Officer. Dan is a global business leader, engineer and mining consultant and has built a successful business operating in Asia-Pacific, North & South America, and Africa

Linkedin: Dan O'Toole 

Dr Richard Lynch - Director

Richard is an accomplished scientist with over 19 years experience in technology development and applications in the resource sector. An expert in remote monitoring for seismology applications. Richard has business management experience in South America, North America, Africa and Australia.

LinkedIn: Richard Lynch

Dr Hylton White - Director

Hylton White - Viotel

Hylton has extensive experience with the design, implementation and operation of seismic and geotechnical monitoring systems, including remote telemetry.

Over his career, Hylton has established a number of successful consulting and instrumentation companies. Managing and executing a wide range of engineering and mining geophysical projects, several in Australasia, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe.

LinkedIn: Hylton White 

Ralf Muller - Director

Ralf Muller - Viotel

Ralf's mission in life is to help people and companies be better and succeed, ethically and equitably. Ralf has served as Chairman for IESE is a leading seismic, geophysical and geothermal engineering consulting company.

LinkedIn: Ralf Muller  

Bob Gregg - Executive Director

Bob Gregg

Bob's experience in business spans senior executive and technical roles over 30 years. His experience encompasses a broad range of industries, namely: mining and resources, transport infrastructure, energy and the built environment.

LinkedIn: Bob Gregg 

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