Viotel Smart Barrier Node

The Viotel Smart Barrier Node has IoT sensors directorly clopped to road safety barriers and fences. The Viotel Smart Barrier Node is a patent pending product.

It uses a solar panel and rechargeable battery and an internal Cat-M1 modem for communications. The barrier status is uploaded regularly and whenever an impact is detected.

Modular design allows installation for:

  • Wire Rope Barriers
  • Guard Rails
  • Crash Cushions
  • End Terminals
  • Containment Barriers
  • Worksite and Traffic Control Installations
  • Safety Fences
  • Signage and protective barriers.

The sensor monitors for impacts and maintenance in near-real time. A detachable strain band measures the tension of wire ropes.

Manufactured in Australia. 

Features and Benefits

An installed Viotel SMART Barrier network will reduce the number of manual compliance inspections and tension checks, improve triaging and scheduling of maintenance, reduce delays from major damage, minimise disruption and safety risks to workers and
the public.

  • Report Vehicle Impacts

  • Cable Tensions

  • Join into 3rd party maintenance and reponse platforms

Vehicle impact alerts can be sent to mobile phones/email of emergency response maintenance personnel and asset managers with links to Google Maps of the exact barrier location. The Viotel Smart Barrier system is configurable to other IoT platforms and asset management reporting systems.


Smart Barrier Specifications:

Accelerometer3 Component - Triaxial
Tension MeasurementCombindation of tension in two wires
Tension Full-Scale100 kN
Tension Accuracy150 N
Data UploadsHourly or Daily. As well as whenever impacts are Detected
Tilt Tolerance180° (Omnidirectional)
Dimensions90mm x 130mm x 40mm (WxLxD)
Operating Temperature-10 to +65°C
PowerIntegrated solar panel with rechargable battery
Enclosure FeaturesABS plastic, UV stabilised, IP67
Antenna OptionsInternal or External antenna model available

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