Smart data for mining applications

Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Viotel geotechnical monitoring technology provides mining operators with smart data insights in near real time. In fact, our latency is measured in seconds - it doesn't get much more real than that. This enables mining managers to anticipate needs, predict change, improve safety, manage workforces and diminish risks.

Satelitte enabled loggers allows important geotechnical monitoring to be captured remotely rather than on rely on a telecommunication network. So, even when mine network is down, our mining IoT sensors and Smart Box technology transmits uninterrupted data over satelitte communications and trigger required actions.

Benefits of remote mining management

Through the provision of mining dataloggers, IoT sensor monitoring and data analysis, Viotel's technology provides a big picture view of mining assets. The efficiency and cost savings from remote mining management can be significant. Teams no longer have to travel into the field to take manual readings. Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Non-destructive resonance monitoring of mining structures
  • Continuous high frequency data acquisition without cables
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reduced monitoring costs
  • Improved workforce safety
  • Managed environmental risks
  • Improved understanding of the response to mining operations

Remote mining management optimises operational performance and minimises OH&S risks. Structural geotechnical  and environmental monitoring via our mining IoT sensors and Smart Boxes reduces unscheduled maintenance and downtime.

Use IoT monitoring in mines for:

  • Asset monitoring collection

  • Asset data assessment

  • Asset condition

  • Data analytics

  • Risk mitigation

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Vibration, tempature, noice

  • Dam safety

  • Tailings dam monitoring

  • Displacement monitoring

  • Seismic monitoring and analysis

  • Voltage monitoring

Applications for:

  • Dams

  • Conveyors

  • Pipelines

  • Buildings

  • Bridges

  • Slopes

  • Ground Water

  • Roads

  • Rail Lines

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