Viotel Vibrating Wire 4-Channel Node

The Viotel 4 Channel Vibrating Wire Node achieves high precision measurements with low power consumption at a cost effective price. The node is .self contained with internal battery (solar panel optional), GPS and cellular (Cat-M1) modem with pre-installed SIM card.

The Viotel Vibrating Wire node is shipped with 4x adaptors for your sensors or alternative you can purchase the plug to junction box adapter. Simply mount the sensor in the desired location, connect to the external sensor(s) and power on for reliable, continuous, real time monitoring.

Examples of typical vibrating wire sensors to use with this device include piezometers, crack meters, strain gauges, extensometers and pressure cells.

Manufactured in Australia.

Features and Benefits

  • 4 Channel dual inputs: Thermistor and VW.

  • Huge 8+year battery life with daily uploads

  • Wireless Operation.

  • CAT-M1 integrated communications and global sim.

  • Barometric pressure measurements.

  • Alarm capability when measurement exceeds pre-set limits.

  • Compatible with a wide range of sensors.

  • Internal temperature Sensor.

  • Internal GPS for positioning and timing.

  • Manufactured in Australia.


Vibrating Wire Node 4-Channel Specifications:

Number of channels4
InterfaceDual Input / Channel: Thermistor & Vibrating Wire
VW Measurement Range100 to 6000 Hz
VW Resolution0.024 millibar
Temperature measurement range-40 to +100°C
Temperature accuracy±0.5 °C
Sampling RateFrom every 5 minutes to daily
Upload RateFrom every 5 minutes to daily (max 24 data samples per upload)
Dimensions150mm x 210mm x 55mm (WxLxD)
Operating Temperature-35 to +65°C
Internal Battery Life

Hourly Reading, Daily Upload: >3.3 years

2-Hourly Reading, Daily Upload: >4.8 years

Daily Reading, Daily Upload: > 8.0 years

Enclosure FeaturesASA plastic, UV stabilised, IP67
Antenna OptionsExternal Antenna. (Internal model available)
Signal Input Protection5.8 VDC 600W Transzorbs & 90V Gas Plasma Arrestors

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