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Unlock the full potential of Viotel's cutting-edge Dashboard and Device Management Tool. Designed to streamline device settings, alerts, and dashboarding, myViotel puts you in control. Experience a seamless user interface, intuitive navigation, and robust functionalities to enhance your data management journey.

Seamless control, insightful alerts - myViotel enhances versatile projects across the construction, infrastructure, mining and asset management industries

Key Features of myViotel

Effortless Device Management: Take command of your Viotel devices with ease. From setup to customisation, myViotel simplifies the process.

Customised Dashboards: Create personalised dashboards tailored to your unique needs. Visualise data and gain insights at a glance.

Intelligent Alert System: Set up alerts based on traffic light indicators (green, amber, red) with SMS, phone and email notifications.

Efficient Calibration Setup: Quickly configure senors with pre-populated calibration fields for major manufacturers.

Project Integration: Seamlessly assign devices to projects and manage installations effortlessly.

Interactive Mapping: Explore device GPS data through our interactive mapping feature. View all your devices and projects on a single map - as well as the closest weather station!

Comprehensive Device Insights: Monitor device health, battery status, reception, temperature and check-in details.

Data Export Capability: Export both raw and caulcated sensor data for comprehensive analysis.

Software Integration: Viotel seamlessly integrates with your platform, offering versatile data transmission through API, FTP, or MQTT. Read more here.

How to Get Started

1. Claim Your Device:

  • Register and take ownership of your Viotel device.

2. Personalise Your Dashboard

  • Customise dashboards, set triggers, and configure alert preferences.

3. Efficient Calibration:

  • Set up sensors quickly with pre-filled calibration details.

4. Explore Features:

  • Dive into advanced features for a tailored data management experience.

User Resources

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Why Choose Viotel?

  • Customised advanced dashboarding for your project needs.
  • API/FTP/MQTT integration for seamless third-party software collaboration.
  • Advanced 2-way control of device settings via API.
  • Self-manage your own devices
  • Remotely switch between triggered and continuous modes.
  • Adjust alerts, alarms and adminstration as site conditions change.
  • Scalable monitoring software for projects of all sizes.
  • Historical data import and device edge alerting.
  • Integration of devices from various providers.

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