How it Works

While our cutting-edge technology is complex, it couldn't be easier to install or use particularly with support from our expert team. No matter what sensor system you're using, or what problems you want to solve, we work with you to get your systems running.

In some cases, this can be as simple as sending you a 'plug and play' product that displays your data in the cloud as soon as you connect it. In other cases, we can manage installation or customise a unique solution.

Viotel uses cellular and satelitte network communications in our products and solutions. Whether it is continuous dynamic monitoring from self-sufficient wireless devices or triggered alerts and alarming, we work with you to design the system. We even set up your dashboard and can process complicated data sets, so data is displayed in a way that makes perfect sense to your business. 

No matter how complex or simple your requirements, you can rely on seamless, stress-free and professional service. Our highly trained technicians have decades of experience in supplying, installing, calibrating and maintaining technology in accordance with regulatory standards.

Viotel technology takes the guesswork out of data for mining, transport and infrastructure businesses. It increases control, reduces surprises, and delivers a huge range of benefits.

viotel - how it works
  • Access data in real time

  • Monitor assets from any location

  • Trigger automatic alerts and actions

  • Continuous high frequency monitoring

  • Structural resonances

  • Manage and mitigate risks

  • Identify new opportunities

  • Increase safety and OHS capacity

  • Identify ESG oppurtunities

  • Streamline predictive maintenance

  • Respond faster to emergencies

  • Increase productivity

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