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Viotel Announces Integration Partnership with Sensly

Posted by Media Release on 2 November 2023
Viotel Announces Integration Partnership with Sensly

Viotel,a leader in IoT data logging hardware and structural health monitoring solutions, is excited to announce new integration partnership with Sensly. Together, we envision a more integrated and efficient monitoring ecosystem.

Sensly is at the forefront of cloud-based monitoring. The Sensly platform is synonymous with user-centricity, effective sensor management and flexibility. Real-time alerts, intuitive presentation mediums like maps, charts, and dashboards have garnered trust from organisations all over the globe.

We're thrilled about this new venture, and we look forward to witnessing its positive impact. Your choices matter, and we're here to support your journey every step of the way. Viotel Chief Operating Officer, Karl Crittenden, comments "At Viotel, our core mission revolves around empowering our customers and clients with the data they need to make informed decisions. We believe in providing you with the freedom to choose your preferred platform, which is why we're excited to announce our recent integration with sensly. Sensly provide the latest software for dashboarding Geotechnical and Structural monitoring projects. This integration offers end-users the flexibility to seamlessly use our products within the platform of their choice".

Benefits of This Collaboration

Combining Viotel's cutting-edge monitoring technology with Sensly's cloud expertise means businesses can look forward to:

  • Efficient Data Gathering: The synergy of Viotel's data capture methods and Sensly's robust cloud architecture ensures precise and prompt data retrieval
  • Prompt Notifications: With Viotel's swift data transmission and Sensly's alert system, users will be well-equipped to address urgent matters
  • Seamless Integration: The amalgamation promises an effortless user experience, tailored to both large-scale infrastructure projects and smaller ventures
  • Comprehensive Asset Overview: The blend of Sensly's diverse data visualisation tools and Viotel's device management offers businesses a clearer perspective on their assets
  • Unwavering Global Support: Given Sensly's international presence and Viotel's expansive field knowledge, customers can anticipate consistent and far-reaching support.


About Viotel Integration Capabilities

Viotel's dedicated expertise is critical to making our back-end happen - with a design philosophy centered around simplicity for seamless integration. Our software integration capabilities are designed to parrallel our own device management & dashboard platform - https://my.Viotel.co. Whether it's FTP, API, or MQTT we've made it easy for you to connect to our devices and adapt seamlessly to your unique requirements, . This gives access to the data from Viotel's IoT products and structural health monitoring solutions anywhere!

API (Application Programming Interface):

  • Push webhook API: Our preferred integration method
  • Documentation: Review our documentation here
  • Functionality: Push/pull options allow you to poll for data and manage devices using access tokens.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

  • Get Started: Simply send an email with your FTP details, and our dedicated staff will assist in setting up your FTP integration.
  • Coming Soon: Self-management of publisher details for FTP will be available in myViotel, expected in Dec 2023.

MQTT: (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport):

  • Publish/Subscribe Model: Seamless communication through publish/subscribe pattern.


For any 3rd party integrations or additional support, please reach out to [email protected]

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