Remote transport monitoring technology

At Viotel, we expertly monitor critical transport infrastructure and have built our reputation on remote monitoring systems that measure the structural health of transport assets in near real time. In fact, our latency period is meaured in seconds and it doesn't get much more real than that.

Our Edge Computing capability allows our transport monitoring software to run locally rather than on a telemetry system. This is a benefit during a flood or earthquake where the telemetry system runs the risk of failure during times of excessive demand.

Monitor critical transport infrastructure with IoT sensors including: pavement settlement, highway barrier and bridge sensors

We use the Internet of Things (IoT), linking IoT sensors and systems to allow data to be visualised easily so you can monitor and process the information that is most useful for you.

Our remote monitoring technology can be deployed for a wide variety of critical transport infrastructure applications. Bridges, rail networks, highway barriers and road construction projects are typical applications for Viotel's transport IoT sensors and Smart Boxes.

Remote transport monitoring helps to:

  • Prevent accidents
  • Improve compliance
  • Meet deadlines
  • Reduce costs

In addition, remote asset monitoring allows you to optimise your maintenance over the assets lifecycle. Viotel empowers decision makers to conduct root cause analysis, undertake predictive asset management, optimise workforce allocation and realise project management efficiencies.

Remote Transport Monitoring Applications in Data Management and Analytics

  • General critical transport infrastructure maintenance and compliance

  • Asset data and asset condition

  • Data analytics

  • Risk mitigation

  • Traffic management

  • Rockfall catch-fence monitoring

  • Landslide monitoring

  • Construction monitoring

  • Bridge monitoring with IoT bridge sensors

  • Rail monitoring with IoT rail sensors

  • Remote monitoring of highway barriers using IoT devices

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