Protect energy assets

Viotel provides leading technology for protecting and maintaining critical energy infrastructure including electricity, hydro dams, wind power, pipelines, rigs and geothermal energy. The metrics provided assist energy businesses to identify cost savings, maximise asset utilisation and effectively maintain and protect energy assets and infrastructure.

How do we do this? The Internet of Things (IoT) enables asset-heavy industries to benefit from intelligent monitoring of assets throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Viotel's IoT sensors and Smart Boxes combine intelligence gathering with analytical capabilities, providing insights and predictions to help with critical decisions in near real time. Our latency period is measured in seconds, is truly world-class.

Viotel's Edge Computing capability allows our intelligent monitoring software to run locally on your site rather than on a telecommunications network system. This is a benefit during a national emergency where the telemetry system runs the risk of failure during times of excessive demand.

Our cloud hosting interface coupled with Edge to Edge Computing, prevents data losses during telecommunication and network down periods. Viotel ulitises Amazon's Web Services.

Energy metrics in your Australian or New Zealand business can help with:

  • Flood and earthquake monitoring

  • Emergency response

  • Equipment monitoring

  • Asset data collection

  • Asset condition assessment

  • Data analytics

  • Risk mitigation

  • Seismic monitoring

  • Dam safety

  • Structural monitoring

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